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Vya Whisper Dry Vodka Martini with an olive garnish and a painting in the background
Whisper Dry

Whisper Dry Vodka Martini

Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth’s subtle aromatics impart a soft, forest-like character to your favorite vodka, making a smooth martini that is enticing to smell and savor.

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Reverse Whisper Martini with cocktail onions on a white background with a shadow
Whisper Dry

Reverse Whisper Martini

Vya Whisper Dry Vermouth creates a nuanced, approachable cocktail in this Reverse Whisper Martini that doubles the vermouth to vodka ratio.

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Vya con Dios tequila cocktail in a skull glass with dried roses in the background
Sweet, Whisper Dry

Vya con Dios Tequila Cocktail

Sometimes you simply want a cocktail stripped to the bare bones; flavor without frills, exuding the essence and complexity of the spirit itself. Nothing more, nothing less.

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The Hummingbird cocktail in a champagne flute, surrounded by white flowers
Whisper Dry

The Hummingbird

This light and airy cocktail flutters bubbly goodness across the palate in every sip for a botanical experience you’ll savor – just like time in the garden.

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Bijou cocktail with a cherry garnish and two pink flowers on the sides

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